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Key Machines

Seed Handling & Processing Plant

The whole Edible Oil production line including three workshops: Seed Handling & Processing Plant workshop, pretreatment&prepressing workshop, oil extraction workshop and oil refining  or further processing workshop,these are suitable for all kinds of oil seeds, such as sunflower seed, rice bran, copra,palm,soybean, corn germ,cottonseed,peanut,rapeseed, sesame seed and so on.

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Product Introduction

We design, manufacture and install Seed Handling & Processing Plant based on the latest technology.
This process involves :
  1. Seed reception
  2. Handling & Conveying (By Z-Elevators & Belt Conveyors)
  3. Pre-cleaning
  4. Day Storage & Weighing System
  5. Conditioning of Seed (specially for Groundnut POD)
  6. Stabilisation of Aflatoxin
  7. Decorticating
  8. Post Cleaning
  9. Colour Sorting
  10. Grading
  11. Toasting
  12. Blanching

Oilseed Pretreatment and Pressing Machine

Type: Oilseeds pretreatment and pressing
Processing Material: soybean, sesame, corn germ, camellia seed, palm fruit etc
Capacity: 30-5000T/D
Major Equipment: vibrating screen, stoner, crusher, magnetic separator, softening machine (conditioner), germ roll, etc.
Application: pretreatment and pressing oilseeds including soybean pretreatment, rapeseed pressing, corn germ pressing, peanut pressing, cottonseed pressing, sunflower pressing, rapeseed pressing, rice bran pretreatment, castor seed pressing, and copra pressing

Technical parameters

Edible Oil Mill Machinery, Cooking Oil Mill Machinery,Vegetable Oil Mill Machinery

Seed Handling & Processing Plant


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