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Services content
Equipment installation and commissioning; solving actual problems on the spot and creating future value for customers.
We will launch a series of comprehensive training system, invite oil and electric control experts, and offer staff training services for customers;
Tracking and maintenance of the products, to ensure the production smooth and efficient, to create sustainable value for our customers;
Starting maintenance at the first time and improving the service efficiency, so that customers can enjoy more convenient and comprehensive services;
Regular visits to customers and maintaining good communication. we will take instructions from the clients about processing technology, products usage condition and the actual demand, etc.

VISION - our visionis to contribute for improvement of Indian Economy by excellent research support with integrity, passion and advocacy for development of innovative food and allied products which will be helpful for reducing poverty and increased employment opportunity.
MISSION- The mission of SINODER is its commitment in developing, innovating, analysing the new technology for products and processes.
Our motive is to provide one stop solution for –
Research and Development
Proto Validation- concept to commercialization
Pilot Validation

Expertise in Project Management Systems
Effective Solutions for Industrial Issues/ problems
Collaborative Research Projects with Industries, Research and Academic Institutions
Helping Prospective customers to reach their set goals.
Applying Technologies ahead of the times
Aim for exploration outside boundaries
Creativity inspirited by focusing on customers' actual work situations.

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