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Quality and Standard

Quality and Standard

Improvement in Design and Drawings.
Improvement in Engineering Manufacturing Practices.
Development of New Customer Friendly Process Technology in field of Oil and Allied Industries.
Development of Enzymatic Process Technology for Vegetable Oil Industries.
Development of Process Technology for Utilization of Byproducts of Vegetable Oil Industries.
Development and Improvement in Evaporation, Distillation, Separation and Purification Technologies.
Product and Process Technology Development for Essential Oils, Oleoresins, Spices, Herbs and their Derivative.

Innovation - Developing new products
Concept Development
Systematic working with thorough knowledge of functional properties of Food Ingredients, Natural Ingredients and Health Ingredients
Flexible approach to New Product development, clients based modifications; requirements
Shelf life and Accelerated shelf life studies
Providing technical assistance and additional support to clients ongoing R and D projects
Providing Cost effective, economical solutions for ‘Process Change’
Develop our existing business 
Understand stand our client needs
Research work
Finalize the design
Make a projection cost
Understand current process
Scope of changes and optimize cost and production
Contraceptual Research
SINODER has technical experts who are highy efficient in handling large and small scale projects
In house Pilot Plant Facility
Scale up Studies
Scale up the Research and Development work undertaken at laboratory scale to pilot plant scale and subsequently to commercial scale.
Provide the necessary inputs to the entrepreneurs to set up a commercial plant after demonstrating the feasibility of the commercial production process.
Analytical testing
Vast range of Food and Agro Analysis is benefited by all our clients
Fully equipped laboratory with State of the art Infrastructure, Scientific analytical Instruments and a highly qualified Technical Staff to carry out the standard procedures for Physico - Chemical and Miccrobiogical Analysis and Testing
Mainly involved in analysis of all food products, food ingredients and water. Testing is applied in field of Food, Agro and Oil.
Expertise in Project and Quality Management Systems
Majorly focus on Quality management, Productivity, catering towards Client needs and requirements.
Initiate changes for continuous improvement of existing systems and management.

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