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150T/D Cooking Palm Oil Refinery Machine Plant Factory in Australia

Date: 2020-06-06 15:50:43   Source: Sinoder Indutech Machinery

We manufactures complete unit of Palm Oil Mill Machinery, palm oil Refinery Plant with fractionation plant. The company offers tailor-made turnkey solutions to the client's right from designing and erection to commissioning and maintenance. 

The following is some pictures of our 150 tons per day palm oil refinery project in Australia. the project begin from 2017 and finished all the projects last year. Now the palm oil refinery factory runs well.

Palm Oil Refining Factory 

Palm Oil Refinery Plant is specially designed and built for processing the Palm oil or palm Kernel Oil. As you know, palm kernel oil is also referred to as PKO. This oil is obtained from the kernel seeds of the oil palm fruit. The process of extracting the palm kernel oil is through mechanical pressing.

Palm kernel oil is obtained from the kernel of the oil palm fruit. The oil composition of palm kernel oil is very different from that of the palm oil. Apart from the normal crude palm or palm kernel oil, there are other 2 types of components obtained after palm kernel oil refining –
1) Palm Olein
This is the liquid component of the palm oil obtained after refining.
2) Palm Stearin
This is the solid portion of the palm oil obtained after refining.

Batch Palm Oil Refinery Plant: 1TPD,2TPD, 3TPD, 5TPD,10TPD,15TPD, 20TPD, 30TPD. (Suitable for mini and small palm oil refining factory)
Semi-continuous Palm Oil Refinery Plant: 15TPD,20TPD.30TPD (Suitable for middle-sized palm oil processing plant)
Continuous Palm Oil Refinery Plant:
 20TPD , 30TPD ,50TPD,100TPD,200TPD,400TPD (Suitable for industrial scale palm oil mill plant)

if you want to know more crude palm oil refinery manufacturing plant, pls feel free to contact us.

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