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Key Machines

Soap Production Line

Soap Production Line Machine

This soap making line has two parts: saponification line and finishing line.
Saponification line uses oil and caustic soda as the raw material. Saponifying and drying naturally.
Finishing line uses the dry soap base as the material. After mixing, grinding, extruding soap bar continuously, stamping and cutting, to produce from low to high quality laundry soap bar. Vacuum plodder makes the soap’s structure tight and not easy to crack.

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Product Introduction

Soap Production Line Plant 

This soap making plant is a finishing soap productin line with oil & fat as material. The line includes all the production process, such as melting of oil and fat, refining and decolouring, saponification of oil and fat, vacuum drying and cooling, milling soap noodles for twice and refining continuously, then turned into soaps. It is a turn-kep project.
This soap plant is quite popular among the clients who can get cheap palm oil, palm kernal oil, cotten seed oil, tallow oil, other kinds of animal fat, etc. The margin from this line is quite high.
Machines involved for making soap
1.  Mixer
Used for mixing soap noodles and other additive(such as perfume).
2. Three  Roller  Mill
Three roller Mill grinds soap materials twice by different speed, make the soap structure tight and improve soap’s density and quality.
3. Vacuum Soap Plodder
Vacuum Soap Plodder is used to grind, refine and press soap material into soap bar.The above and below screws and two orifice plates press and refine the soap material and make the soap bar tight and the surface bright.The motor and the reducer are separated.The below screw speed is adjustable to regulate the production capacity.
4. Soap Embossing & Cutting Machine
Used for cutting soap into bars and blocks. At the same time, the logo or pattern are stamped on the soaps.
5.Soap Stamping Machine
The stamping machine is used to cut, shape and print the soap bar extruded from the former machine vacuum plodder.
6. Low Temperature Chiller
It is used to make the moulds cool so that the soap can demould easily.
7.Soap Packing machine
Used for packing soap
8.Conveyor Belt
It is used to transport soap materials or soap bar between two soap making machines.
9.Vacuum Pump
It is used to pull out the air and mousture in vacuum soap plodder.

Technical parameters

Soap Making Line Machinery


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