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Animal Feed Processing

Animal Feed Making Plant Poultry Feed Pellet Production Line Machine

We are factory supplier mainly engaged in feed pellet machinery maker.We mainly engaged in automatic auto-batching feed production line and manual operation feed pellet production line with a capacity from 0.5kg/h to 30 ton per hour or more bigger capacity. used in poultry cattle farm and producing feed pellets to sell etc.For the feed pellet production line,we can customized all kinds of allocates according to customers’ requirements,such as manual operation,semi-automatic and full automatic,etc.We also engaged in biomass wood pellet production line and feed extrude production line.

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Product Introduction

Poultry Livestock Feed Pellet Production Line Sheep Cow Feed Making Plant
Livestock Feed Pellet Line.
1) It is suitable for pig, swine, chickens, ducks, geese, quail and other animal feed processing and production.
2) The capacity range is 1-30 ton per hour. we will design based on your exact condition and demand. Possessing decades years of experience in poultry feed production line design and construction, we are capable of offer a tailor-made services and total solution.
Animal Feed Production Line
Feed Grinder →Feed Mixer → Feed Pellet Mill → Counterflow Cooler → Feed Pellets Crumbler → Feed Pellets Grading Sieve → Automatic Weighing and Packing Machine
1. Raw Material intake
All the solid ingredients packed in bags for feed production would be received in plant by road. Their materials will be store in store godown. According to requirement these material will be dumped manually in dumping hopper and conveyed to the pre-cleaner through the mechanical conveyor system.
2. Pre-Cleaning
Pre-cleaning is a process of removing unwanted material from our ingredients. As we received the material, there will be possibility of having unwanted material such as iron pieces, jutes threads, oversize pieces which can jam our silos system. So for cleaning we use a pre-cleaning machine. Then these pre-cleaned materials are transpired to silos through mechanical conveyors and elevators.
3. batching
Batching is process of combining each and every material in a proportioning ratio called feed formula it is very important process of every feed plant. A Better and accurate ration of material will give is a better quality and a fully nutrients feed. This batching process may be a computerized controlled or may have manual control room to cut the cost of the plant.
4. Grinding
Grinding is a process of bracking solid ingredients to a required size. Finer the material higher will be the surface area exposure to heat and moisture to accomplish the gelatinization in conditioning. A fine granding material can transfer his maximum energy to the animal as compare to a course grinded material. It is a very energy consuming process.
Animal Feed Hammer Mill Parameters

Model SFSP60×38 SFSP60×45 SFSP60×60 SFSP60×75 SFSP60×80
Power(kw) 30/37 45/55 55/75 75/90 90/110
Output 1-2(Fine) 1.5-3(Fine) 2-4(Fine) 2.5-5(Fine) 3-6(Fine)
4-7(Coarse) 6-9(Fine) 8-12(Coarse) 10-15(Coarse) 12-18(Coarse)

5. Mixing
As the name implies "Mixing" is a process of combining blending of micro ingredients. A proper mixing can be defined with a unit called co-efficient of variation. Smaller the co-efficient of variation higher will be the quality of mixing. Our well designed mixer machine has such a great quality. Beyond this is a mixer machine should have a provision to mix liquid to it as we need oil or molasses addition to the feed.
6. Feed Pelleting Mill
Pelleting is a main step of any pelleting plant. It is a process of converting any powder to solid shape called pallet. In this process the powder material is extruded through a well designed die with the help of rollers to convert it in to pallets. The quality & production of pallet mill depends on so many parameters.
1.Feed formula 2. Die configuration 3. Quality of Granding 4. Quality of conditioning. No doubt every material can be converted into pellets.
Animal Feed Plant Machine Parameters

Model Production capacity  Main engine power  Conditioner power Conditioner diameter  Conditioner length   Feeder power Inner diameters of ring die  Particle specifications
(t/h) (kw) (kw) (mm) (m) (kw) (mm) (mm)
SZLH350 2-5 55 4 350 3 1.1 φ350 φ2-18
SZLH400 3-12 75/90 5.5 400 1.5 φ400 φ2-18
SZLH420 3-14 90/110 7.5 400 1.5 φ420 φ2-18
SZLH508 6-20 132/160 11 460 1.5/2.2 φ508 φ2-18
SZLH558 8-25 160/220 18.5 630 1.5/2.2 φ558 φ2-18

7.Feed cooling
Cooling is a process of removing heat. As we know during conditioning we add heat and moisture and also through palleting process heat generates by extrusion process. But the pallet should have a standard moisture and heat to attain its life of storage and make it safe from fungus. So we have to remove extra heat and moisture from the pallet. All this is done with the help of a well designed counter flow cooler.
Crumbling is a process in which pallets after cooling is broken in to small pieces to make it suitable for small chicks or hens. When there is no need of crumbling, we by-pass the feed directly to the screen with the help of By-pass Mechanism. A well designed crumbier should have capability to break the pellets without making much finer.
9. screening
Product coming out of crumbier is or their in pallets form (if we use by-pass) or in crumbs form. There are required to screen to remove fines and oversize particle. A double deck screeners are used to remove both fine and oversize particles. Fine and directed to pallet mill for repalleting while oversize particles are directed to crumbier for reprocessing. A well desired screener should have capability to remove fine and oversize to a desired percentages, And it should not be clog frequently.
10. Feed packing
The end of process in every plant is bagging also called packing. After screening the finished products are filled in to bags. In small and medium plants, bagging can be carried out manually but for higher production it is batter to go for electronic bagging machine.

Grease adding machine 
Product features:
1、Apply to oil is added to the batch mixer, molasses, phospholipids and other nutrients, to adapt to the range.   
2、Simple structure, automatic control, easy to operate.                   
3、If use weighing sensor measurement, high accuracy, can be up to 0.5%.

Automatic PLC Control System
With the automatic PLC control system, the animal feed processing line is with high efficiency and convenient operation.
1.Full automation of the complete production line
2.Constant product quality at a high throughput rate
3.Lower manpower requirements, less time cost
4.Better monitoring of the production process
The working process of animal feed plant is: 1. raw material cleaning, 2. Coarse and fine smash 3. Automatic batching. 4. high-efficiency mixing. 5. Conditioning 6. Granule maturation. 7. Cooling and drying. 8. Grading and product packaging.

Technical parameters

1-20T/H Animal Feed Pellet Line Machine chicken feed machine,fish feed machine, sheep feed machine:
No. Name Type Qty. Power (kw) Performance&characteristics
        unit total  
Materials receiving and handling system
101 raw material hopper & screen     2      
102 Induced fan 4-72No 1 3.00 3.00 After balancing check; Smooth, low noise operation.
103 Pulse Bag Filter TBLMb12 1      
104 Air lock GFY210 1 0.75 0.75  
105 Bucket elevator TDTG3/23 1 2.20 2.20  
106 Trommel screen SCQY6 1 0.75 0.75 High quality
Crushing  System
202 Storage bin for crushing 2M3 1     Made by 3mm steel plate.
203 Induced fan 4-72 1 3.00 3.00 After balancing check;Smooth, low noise operation.
204 Pulse Bag Filter TBLMb9 1      
205 Settle down chamber   1     Made by 3mm steel plate.
206 Locked screw conveyor TLSB20 1 1.50 1.50  
207 Impeller feeder frequency TWLY25*40 1 1.10 1.10  
208 Water type crusher SWSP63*6 1 45.00 45.00  
209 Bucket elevator TDTG36/2 1 2.20 2.20  
Mixing System
301 Silo for mixing 2M3 1     Made by 3mm steel plate
302 Pneumatic gate TZMQ25×25 1     Nice sealing
303 Double shaft mixer SLHSJ1.0 1 11.00 11.00  
304 Silo 1M3 1      Made by 3mm steel plate
305 Bucket elevator   TDTG36/2 1 2.20 2.20  
306 Pneumatic tee          
307 Magnet drum TXCT20       Iron removing≥99.5%
308 Automatic feeding device          
Pelleting System
401 Storage bin for pelleting 2M3 1     Made by 3mm steel plate.
402 Pellet mill SZLH350 1 55+
403 Airlock GFY21   0.75 0.75  
404 Counterflow cooler SKLN15×15 1 1.50 1.50  
405 Pellet crusher SSLG15×100 1 5.50 5.50 Low energy consumption, more uniform particle size, grade back less material, low noise, high efficiency.
406 Draught fan 4-72No5A 1 11.00 11.00  
407 Material discharge XL100 1      
408 Airlock GFY210   0.75 0.75  
409 Bucket elevator TDTG36/2 1 3 3 Same with Item 105.
410 Rotary sifter SFJH100×2 1 1.50 1.50 Import elastic support plate,Direct drive belt and low noise;Internal flow line design, no material deposition, no cross-contamination.
Packaging System
501 Level indicator   2      
502 Product silo 4m³ 1     Made by 3mm steel plate
503 Buffer hopper   1      
504 Automatic packing machine HL-CS-50 1 1.5 1.5  
Auxiliary system
601 Oil adding system   1 1.50 1.50 Microcomputer control, automatic quantitative filling, error ≤1%.
602 Add liquids add pipeline  accessories system   1      
603 Air compressor and pipe system     7.50 7.50  
604 Steam boiler and pipes system   1      
Control System
701 Control cabinet          
702 Cable, wire, wire trunking, and other supporting materials          
Installation materials
801 Suction, dust, cooling air network system          
802 Steel, platform, stair handrail          
803 Seals, piping materials and other non-standard parts          
804 Electrode, oxygen, gas          
805 Pneumatic components          
806 Paints          

Reference Solution for Animal Feed Processing Plant

Main Machine & Capacity

1-2 t/h

3-5 t/h

6-8 t/h

10 t/h

20 t/h

Feed hammer mill

SFSP56 × 30

SFSP56 × 40

SFSP56 × 60

SFSP66 × 80

SFSP112 × 4

Feed pellet machine













SKLN11 ×11


SKLN15 ×15

SKLN19 ×19

SKLN22 ×22


SSLG22 ×40

SSLG15 ×100

SSLG15 ×100

SSLG24 ×110

SSLG24 ×16

Rotary screener






Cooling fan






Cooling discharger












Lifting equipment






Outline dimension
L× W × H







What we offer:
The planning and design for whole factory or complete set production line
1. Poultry & livestock feed mill project:

 · Feeds for animals in various growing period;

 · Different capacity, 0.5~40TPH per line; 

 · Meeting the standards of different countries and regions. 


2. Aqua feed mill projects:

 · Sinking fish feed, shrimp feed etc.

 · Different capacity, 0.3-15 TPH per line;

 · Meeting the standards of different countries and regions. 


3. Premix plant project:

 · Specialized equipment and process flow;

 · Effectively controlled cross contamination, residue and dust emission;

 · Different capacity, 0.3-15 TPH per line.


4. Pet-food plant project:

 · Specialized extruder, dryer and coater adopted;

 · Different capacity, 0.3-10 TPH per line.

Animal Feed Pellets Mill Products Instruction:
Extra-fine 1.5 mm grinding tools are used for breeding miniature birds and aquatic animals. Such as: (shrimp, crab, small fish and other aquaculture).
2.0 mm grinding tools is used for breeding: parrots, thrushes, birds and other pet birds.
2.5 mm grinding tools are used for breeding: young rabbits, young chickens, ducklings, goslings, young birds, young birds, young peacocks, young aquatic fish and other small animals.
3-4 mm grinding tools is used for breeding: rabbit, chicken, duck, goose, pigeon, bird, peacock, aquatic fish, etc
5-6 mm grinding tools is used for breeding: pigs, cattle, samples, dogs, horses and other livestock.

If you're interested in our feed pellet machines, please kindly tell us the following requirement:
1. What's the feed pellet production capacity do you want?

R:we can supply feed pellet mill or production line with output from 0.1-30t/h.

2. What's your feed raw material and size and feed formula content?

R:Tell us feed material formulation,then we can design the suitable production line based on actual demand.

3. What's the final feed pellet diameter or size do you want or for what animal?

R:Our equipment can produce feed pellet diameter 2-8mm,for chick feed,we can produce crumb feed particle.
for chicken? cow? sheep?fish?horse? cow? or pig?or what purpose?

4. What's your country industrial electricity voltage?

R:General standard motor in China work under 380V,50Hz,3Phase,if not match,tell us we can modify motor.

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