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Old Client from Algeria Ordered 2000PCS Egg Tray Making Machine and Oil Expeller

Date: 2017-04-15 09:47:46   Source: Sinoder Indutech Machinery
Old Client from Algeria Purchased 2000PCS Egg Tray Making Machine after his Oil Expellers IN 2017
The Algeria old customer has been cooperated with us from 2014. the customer purchased some oil expellers in 2015. this year beginning 2017, the customer purchased oil expellers again and fruit washing machine from us, and now he purchased one unit of 2000 pieces per hour egg tray making machine system. The egg tray machine system including the all the auxiliary equipments and one set of metal mesh drying machine for dry the semi-finished egg trays.

The orders from this customers payment terms is 100% L/C at sight. we accept this full amount L/C. after we received the L/C original we begin the machine manufacturing. and arrange the delivery and shippment.

Now the following is some of our pictures when loading to containers:

Egg Tray Making Machine 

Egg tray machine

Egg Tray Making Machine and its auxiliary equipments loading to containers

Egg Tray Dryer Machine Parts Loading



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