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Buckwheat,Sunflower Seeds Dehulling &Separating & Cleaning Equipment

The seed dehulling machine equipment can dehull sunflower seeds, separate shells from kernels and re-separate your products. It adopts exclusive design: multiple dehullers, vertical set-up with wide separating screens to make the dehulling and separating more efficient and meanwhile save more features low loss of materials and easy maintenance. 

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Product Introduction

The seeds dehulling equipment can cleaning, de-hulling, removing shells, separating, re-separating, etc. The unhulled seeds will be returned to the dehuller for re-hulling again automatically by materials-returning system, thus automation degree has been greatly improved.
It consists of input hopper, spiral elevator, multi-functional cleaner,bucket elevator,main part of the machine (dehullers ,cyclone, shells discharger, sieve for removing shells, sieve for removing inshell from kernels), pneumatic device for back-flowing materials, reseparator 3sets, kernels collector, electric control cabinet.

Technical parameters

[Technical parameters ]
Power: 16.47kw(380v)
Input capacity: 0.5-1.0mt/hour(varies with raw materials)
% of whole kerenls:90% minimum (kernels that are less than 1/2 whole kernels are brokens)
% of inshell in final kernels: 2-5%
Space occupied: 11.3m×3.3m
[Technical parameters ]
Power: 14.59kw(380v)
Input capacity: 0.5-0.8mt/hour(varies with raw materials)
% of whole kerenls:90% minimum (kernels that are less than 1/2 whole kernels are brokens)
% of inshell in final kernels: 2-5%
Space occupied: 14.4m×2.8m


General Description:
1)      Mutifunctional cleaner can sort out various impurities including big impurities, small impurities,light impurities and debris with similar size and weight properties like stone, glass, blighted seeds and hair etc
2)      Pneumatic device for back-flowing materials makes the un-dehulled sunflower inshell flow back to dehullers automatically.
3)      You can achieve ideal separating result by adjusting angle of screens
4)      Dehullers adopt all-steel main parts, the impeller adopts 99% alumina porcelain improves the dehulling result and gives longer service time.
5)      Adopt shells-discharger to make the sunflower shells collecting works easier and meanwhile reduce the dust accumulation greatly during process.
6)      Perforated screen plate make the seed-kernel separation works easier, which made from punching works of premium quality cold rolled sheet,durable service.
7)      All the electric works of this equipment are central controlled by electric control cabinet, interface is easy operation. The application of frequency technique in dehullers can adjust the frequency rate anytime according to the state of materials.
8)      Vibration source of the equipment adopts vibratory motors design,features easy and quick installation no foundation works requires.

Meantime, we also specialize in cleaning, dehulling & separating machines and equipments for Buckwheat, tartary buckwheat, pumpkin/watermelon seed, oat, flaxseed (linseed), job's tears, perilla seed, mung bean (green bean), safflower seeds, Silybum seed, almond, hazelnut, Gordon Euryale Seed (foxnut), Jatropha seed, acorn, etc. in China.

Seeds Cleaning and Separating Machine

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